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Ostheims Application

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Ostheims Application Empty Ostheims Application

Post by ostheim on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:21 pm

NationRuler? Ostheim
Nation Name? Peoples Republic of Washington
Are you in an active war? Nope
Are you on a ZI or Perma ZI list? No i guess not(Technically a brandnew nation takes you off ZI and Perma ZI lists)
A link to your nation:
Previous Alliances: No
What is our view on raiding? Lets do it
Who are the six members in The Brigade government? Xander Don, Adrian, Segovia, Delarus , Gambit, and Chiadude.
Why did you join CN? Love playing country simulators
Why do you want to join the Brigade? Good offer for participation
Who Recruited you? Delarus


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Ostheims Application Empty Re: Ostheims Application

Post by Delarus on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:26 pm

You have been masked,welcome to The Brigade,feel free to cruise around the forum and for military, and economic guides that will make your nation great Cool

I have just created a cure for all diseases! Now let me just put the vile here and...........*drops vile*

Luckily I have a spare and *trips and steps on vile*
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