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GOONS tech deals HQ!

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GOONS tech deals HQ!

Post by Tristesse on Mon May 18, 2009 4:38 pm

Heya guys, I'm the current diplo from the awesome as all hell Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism. We have a looot of brand spankin new nations that would love to do a tech deal with you guys! The rate of 3mil/ 100 tech is A-OK for us.

Feel free to post here if you're interested in buying some of our tech, I'll make a similar thread on our forums seeing who's offering to sell :buddy:

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Re: GOONS tech deals HQ!

Post by Captain Oblivious on Mon May 18, 2009 5:12 pm


Captain Oblivious
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Executor of Awesome

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